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Speculative Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction


Charlotte Wyatt is a writer and editor of fantasy and science fiction, and a lifelong student of storytelling. Having spent more than a decade pursuing formal training and critiquing peers, Charlotte now focuses on developmental editing and author support.

Manuscript assessment: This is an ideal place for most writers to begin their story edits. It looks at the story as a whole, examines the shape of the narrative structure and character arcs, spots plot holes, ensures cohesion across major story elements, and assesses the manuscript’s suitability for the desired readership.

Developmental edit: When you need a story-focused, practical analysis of what is and isn’t working in a manuscript, with suggestions for improvement and further learning. It addresses big-picture elements, such as characters, plot and worldbuilding, to make sure they work together to form a cohesive, satisfying story.

Other services available:
Partial manuscript critique
First chapter critique

Writing, Editing and Publishing, Curtin University
Literature: Medieval to Modern, Macquarie University
The Craft of Academic Writing, University of New England
Fiction Editing Masterclass, Renee Otmar Consultancy
The Art of Line Editing, Edit Republic
Certificate of Editing and Proofreading, Australian Online Courses


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