Bradley Harris


Memphis, Tennessee but often work remotely



Nonfiction, from popular to academic...fiction, from literary to, theology, poetry, and more


Well educated--BA, JD, MFA. Two published, prizewinning novels of my own. A trainer and teacher for forty-five years, I've served 17 years freelancing as an editor and writer for individuals and small businesses. I teach public speaking and creative writing to adults and teens.

If your expectation is that you can ask your editor to "fix my book by Thursday," I'm not the guy to ask. I edit the old-fashioned way: on paper. I go the extra mile. You'll receive a tonnage of commentary. Clients tell me I'm tough, crusty, demanding, and funny. They also say I'm good at preserving their stylistic hand, and not imposing mine. When we're done, you'll have learned a lot and become a better writer.

I'll do short pieces, too, like articles and blogs, for individuals and businesses. My best clients here, as well, are those who'd like to learn to do it themselves, with coaching from a great writer-teacher. I love working myself out of a job by helping you learn to write easily.

Mind you, for an appropriate cheque, I'll do darn near anything. Have red pen, will travel...



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