Anita Nagarajan





Educational, Academic, Technical, Scientific


I am a communications consultant and freelance English-language editor and writer, specializing in educational, scientific, and technical content. I offer editing and writing services for the web, print, and social media to academia, publishers, scientists/researchers, non-profit organizations, and businesses.

I help organizations and individuals communicate effectively with their audience by enhancing the structure, clarity, and relevance of different types of content: textbooks, instructional material, teaching guides, research articles, research papers, corporate slide decks, technical presentations, reports, newsletters, flyers, social media posts, and website content.

I have worked on a global climate change education project; edited content for publishers and editing companies; and written and edited content for global non-profits, multinational companies, and organizations in the UN network. In these projects, I have collaborated with domain and subject matter experts from countries across the world.

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