Amy Snyder





Academic journals and textbooks using APA and Chicago; fiction (YA/New Teen, middle grade, romance, historical/Regency, erotica, mystery, paranormal, LGBTQ, African American)


I have been a freelance editor and proofreader for 25 years, offering services as a full-time freelancer since 2007. I have expertise in both nonfiction and fiction. I worked in academic journal publishing for more than a decade, moving from production (editing, typesetting, online coding) to department supervisor. I partner with publishers, vendors, and independent societies to edit journal articles and book chapters in fields such as psychology, education, health care, cognition, linguistics, communication, and technology. I also work on novels for major publishing houses, smaller vendors, and upcoming authors, providing careful editing on trade fiction, romance novels, mysteries, erotica, and YA novels. I honor the author's voice while ensuring that the text is clean and consistent. I particularly love proofreading. I have worked on nonfiction (genetics, standardized tests, IT books) and fiction projects. I am a longtime proofreader for award-winning children's publishers, meticulously marking electronic and hard-copy pages for YA/New Teen and chapter books. I consider my work on the Timmy Failure series for Candlewick Press a career highlight. I am a loyal, professional, amicable freelancer who easily adapts to varying house styles. I look forward to partnering on new projects.


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