Alissa McGowan

Red Pen for Rent





LGBTQ fiction, speculative fiction, romance, corporate and small business communications


Core Values:

Storytelling in writing. Incredible storytellers aren’t necessarily strong writers, which is why you need a liaison to help translate the language of your thoughts into written English that others can access.

Clarity. Some editors are sticklers for the rules. These have their place, but my focus is on the clearest way to convey your idea (which sometimes means breaking the rules).

Quality. When a reader buys work from a writer, it’s with the understanding that the writer did everything possible to deliver a professional quality product. Poor writing disrespects the reader, sells your message short (if it gets through at all), and damages your credibility. The services I offer ensure that my clients keep their end of this bargain.

Partnership. Writer and the editor are a team in service to the material and the reader. The goal of this partnership is ensuring that your material is clear and effective, so your message reaches the widest possible audience.

Inclusion. In everything I do, I have an eye out for potentially harmful language and implicit bias, and I don't prioritize standard written English to the exclusion of other valid communication choices.



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