Aaron H. Arm

Aaron H. Arm





speculative fiction, personal narrative/memoir, novels, SEO marketing, healthcare, education, academic papers, technical writing, documentation, web copy


No matter the genre or medium, the key to effective writing is knowing your audience, purpose, and message. I will help you identify these points and deliver on them effectively. I have years of experience as a freelance editor, technical writer, and web content writer. I also have over a decade's experience as a certified English teacher. I have worked with content across a multitude of fields: town infrastructure plans, biology studies, novels, SEO blog posts, cloud engineering documentation, and hundreds of academic papers. I'm also comfortable with all major style guides, including Chicago, APA, MLA, and AP, and I'm happy to adapt to an in-house style guide. I can help you elevate your writing to engage your audience, no matter the topic, level, or time constraint. While I have a wealth of experience proofreading and line-editing academic/professional documents, I'm also able and eager to edit creative pieces. I'm particularly passionate about (and experienced with) speculative fiction. My own science fiction novel was published in July 2023 by Cosmic Egg Books, and I have a short story published by Dragon Soul Press.


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