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Evidence for Editing. What Cognitive Psychology and the Science of Rhetoric Tell Us About the Power of Editing | Corinne Jorgenson

Research from disciplines ranging from biological sciences, psychology, philosophy, and rhetoric provides us with clues about how nuanced editing can make content more memorable, persuasive, and readable. Join Corinne, a writer and cognitive psychologist, in this exploration of what science tells us about how to make content stronger and more engaging.

Introductory, All editors, Core Skills


Corinne Jorgenson is a writing and proposal leader with 15 years’ experience specializing in writing for defense, research, engineering, and healthcare industries. As a senior writer at Dragonfly, Corinne applies her years of experience to help clients deliver impactful and engaging messages.

Corinne is also a cognitive scientist working on a PhD in Experimental Psychology. She specializes in perception topics like memory, attention, and decision making. 

She is a widely published author with bylines at outlets such as Winning the Business and Trajectory Magazine. In 2018, Corinne was recognized on APMP’s 40-under-40 list for her work in proposal management

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