David Yontz

Running for board seat at-large


About David's work: As senior editor at Creators, David edits columns and comic strips for newspaper syndication and fictional books for the publishing division.

How has he contributed to ACES: I have come to every convention since 2013, presenting at all but the first one and part of two sessions last year. I have been a judge for the headline contest for two years. I recommended a fellow ACES member for a position at Creators.

Why he feels he is the best candidate for the position: ACES is very dear to my heart. The conventions are always my favorite part of the year. I am dedicated to making ACES as big and as useful as possible. I am easy to work with, reliable, dedicated, hardworking and likable (I think).

What he envisions for ACES during his tenure: ACES has been heading in the right direction ever since I joined. I'd like to help to continue that growth and make the resources that ACES provides as useful and accessible as possible.

How has your involvement in ACES, or anywhere else, prepared you for a leadership role in ACES: In addition to being the treasurer of my homeowners association for the past year and being the managing editor at Creators for 5 1/2 years, I have gotten to know so many great ACES members, and I feel as if I have my finger on the pulse of the organization. I have formed relationships with ACES members that will last a lifetime, and the annual conference is the highlight of my year.