Advanced-Level Sessions

Session descriptions are listed below in alphabetical order.

Editing Gender

Presenters: Julie Kliegman

This session, by a transgender and nonbinary person, will walk editors through how to write and edit sensitively about matters of gender, going beyond and occasionally differing from the Associated Press guidelines. Which pronouns do I use and when? What are neo-pronouns, anyway? Is it ever OK to use a trans person’s deadname? What does nonbinary mean and how do I explain it to a cisgender audience? We’ll walk through all this and more, including what resources are available to editors looking to learn more about editing subjects related to gender.

Editing Without Tears (From the Editor or the Author)

Presenter: Merrill Perlman

Don’t you just hate it when your author really screws up something simple? Can you feel the bile rising in your throat? That feeling of self-righteousness when you point it out? Well, chill. Passion about editing is great; passion during editing, notsomuch. It can damage your interactions with your author, and contribute to your stress levels. Learn how to minimize the emotionality of editing, so you can address queries to the author without gritted teeth, and make the process less personal and more professional.

Grammar Obscura

Presenters: Lisa McLendon

Going far beyond the basics of grammar, this session explores some of the more complicated and less common elements of English, in particular some of the gray areas. The discussion will include synesis, participle placement, possessives vs. attributives, hyperbaton, anthimeria, and others. When you know what things are called and how they work, you know how to fix a sentence, why you may need to, and how to explain the reason behind the change.

Is That a Typo? How To Develop a Multilingual House Style Guide

Presenter: Madalena Sánchez Zampaulo

If you've ever been tasked with editing or reviewing copy in a language that’s not your own, you may have been left with more questions than answers. Whether you work with a multilingual team of translators or content writers, it’s essential to ensure everyone is on the same page regarding style. While major style guides exist for different languages, having a house style guide that can be adapted for the various languages you edit or review can be a game changer. This session offers a path forward by demonstrating how to develop a multilingual house style guide.

We All Have Something To Teach: Expanding Your Business by Offering Courses

Presenters: Kristen Tatroe, Tanya Gold, and Kristen Tate

Have you thought about sharing your knowledge and experience by offering online courses? Are you unsure where to start?

Join an editor/instructional designer and two editor/educators for a discussion about courses. They’ll chat about using education in their businesses, different approaches to course development, choosing course formats, and their experiences delivering their courses.

You’ll come away from this panel with ideas of what you could teach, who you could teach it to, and how to shape that content so your course is useful and profitable.

What's New in AP Style

Presenters: Paula Froke and Colleen Newvine

Paula Froke, editor of the AP Stylebook, presents the Stylebook’s annual session on changes to AP style in the last year. AP Stylebook Online is updated throughout the year, and some of these changes will take effect today online, with ACES members being the first to know. They will also appear in the AP Stylebook, 56th Edition, which goes on sale June 1. Colleen Newvine, AP Stylebook product manager, will show you how to claim your ACES member discount on an AP Stylebook Online subscription. Tweet your style questions to @APStylebook or stop by the AP Stylebook’s sponsor table to get your AP style question to the top of the list.

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