Victoria Hicks is a motivated, people-oriented, and uber-extroverted senior at the College of Charleston pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a minor in Spanish. After graduating, she aspires to a role as a substantive and/or stylistic manuscript editor and dreams of opening a publishing firm that highlights authors of color.

Victoria’s love for storytelling began early in life, leading her to join her high school yearbook staff and quickly move up the ranks to become Advertising Department Head as a sophomore and Editor-In-Chief during her junior and senior years. Serving in these capacities gave her proficiency in both HJ eDesign and the Adobe Cloud Suite. Victoria channels her yearbook brain frequently as the Social Media Content Creator for her church (Mayfield Chapel in Duncan, SC), a freelance editor through UpWork, and a writer for College of Charleston’s HerCampus. Before the pandemic, she spent her free time blogging about local coffee shops or hosting brunch and dinner parties. Her quarantine hobbies include reconnecting with out-of-state relatives, reading in her window seat, and completing online certificate programs (Poynter ACES in Editing and UFM’s DE&I in the Workplace).