ACES has a new lineup of webinars for 2019 -- now available to members and nonmembers! Keep an eye out for new webinars being added to the schedule below. Nonmembers can purchase past ACES webinars here. ACES members can access past webinars by logging into their ACES member account

Unconscious Bias and the Conscientious Editor

Presenter: Kory Stamper

Date: September 19

Time: 4-5 p.m. EDT

Description: Unconscious bias is something all writers and editors grapple with, whether that be political, gender, racial, or cultural bias. But how can you correct bias if you can't see it? And once you do see it, how do you correct it compassionately? This webinar will offer some tips, tricks, and tools to help time-strapped editors identify problematic language that might trip up or unintentionally offend readers. 

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Cookbook Editing from Soup to Nuts

Presenter: Karen Wise

Date: October 10

Time: 4–5 p.m. EDT

Cost: Free for members, $30 for nonmembers

Description: What do you need to know to edit a cookbook, for either a traditional book publisher or an individual looking to self-publish? We'll first look at the different types of cookbooks, and what that means for the copyeditor, plus a rundown of the typical outline of a cookbook. Then we'll dig in to the nitty-gritty — all the required and optional components of a recipe, including sequence, style conventions, and the many do’s and don’ts. We'll also talk about which reference works to rely on, and what to do when they don’t agree.

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