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In addition to waiving the registration fee for all webcasts now through July 31, ACES is working to add more webcasts throughout the summer.

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Enforcing House Styles: Customizing PerfectIt for Advanced Users

Presenter: Daniel Heuman

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: Spending hours checking that every detail conforms to a style manual is time-consuming and it can distract you from the most important work of substantive editing. There is an easier way! This webinar will show how you can use PerfectIt to select a style sheet, build your own custom style sheet, and check your preferences. The session will explain how to use PerfectIt’s advanced functionality. It will focus on custom styles and custom checking. It will show how you can share style sheets with colleagues and how you can set up a different style sheet for each client and every style that you work with. This will be an advanced workshop that is primarily for editors who already use PerfectIt on a PC with Windows.

Engaged Style Guides: Co-Creating Standards with Your Community 

Presenter: Aubrey Nagle

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: If you work with words, you may have at some point engaged in a lively debate about em dashes or whether "percent" should be spelled out. But when it comes to language and style in the media, your audience is likely more worried about dehumanizing labels and misgendering pronouns than they are the Oxford comma. By bringing them into the conversation and learning what fair and accurate representation looks like to historically under- or misrepresented groups, we can build trust between newsrooms and their communities.

In this webinar, you'll learn why you should — and most importantly, how to — engage your audience in your style guide decisions. We'll discuss best practices for gathering feedback on language about sensitive and complex social issues as well as how to apply the information throughout your editorial process.

Checking Consistency: How to Use PerfectIt for Faster and Better Results (for beginners)

Presenter: Daniel Heuman

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: No one became an editor because they like checking for consistency of hyphenation and capitalization. Thankfully, there is a faster way to do it! Thousands of editors around the world use PerfectIt to fix these small details so they can focus on the work that matters.

PerfectIt is an add-in for Word that speeds up checking while still leaving editors in control of every decision. This webinar is primarily for complete beginners who have never used PerfectIt before. It will cover what the software can and cannot find, with an overview of all the styles and checks that it can run. It will show how suggestions vary by location, and every location and suggestion needs to be checked for context. It’s open for users on Mac or PC.

What's New in the AP Stylebook

Presenter: Paula Froke and Colleen Newvine

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: Paula Froke, lead editor of the AP Stylebook, presents a virtual version of the Stylebook’s annual session on changes to AP style in the last year. AP Stylebook Online is updated throughout the year, including some changes that will take effect the day Froke presents them to ACES members. These additions and changes will also appear in the latest edition of the AP Stylebook, which is now in production.

Colleen Newvine, AP Stylebook product manager, will show you how to claim your ACES member discount on an AP Stylebook Online subscription.

Developing a Quality Editorial Process End-to-End

Presenter: Samantha Enslen and Cynthia Williams

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: Sometimes it feels like every editing project presents a minefield of errors. What will you step on this time: a misspelled name in a byline? Last year's date in the footer? A big, boldface typo in the headline? Or a data point that's different in two different parts of the document? In this session, we'll discuss a standard editorial process you can use to guide your publications from start to finish -- all the way from development through final proofing. 

Grammar Arcana

Presenter: Lisa McLendon

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: You've mastered agreement; you know how to make a sentence parallel; pronouns give you no problems. But do you know what ablaut reduplication is, when to use a hortatory subjunctive, whether a double genitive is correct or how a reduced relative clause is phrased? A lot goes on “under the hood” of English; this session delves deeply into its inner workings. When you know how it all works, you know how to fix a sentence that "just doesn't sound right." 

The Invention of the Modern American Dictionary

Presenter: Peter Sokolowski

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: Noah Webster’s revolutionary 1806 publication A Compendious Dictionary of the English Language, the first truly American dictionary, and his subsequent work were showing their age and shortcomings by the mid-nineteenth century, when competition from the excellent dictionary of Joseph Worcester drove the publishers to a moment of truth—and of disruption. The decisions they subsequently made set the course for the company’s editorial and business policies to this day. This change from the idiosyncratic work of an individual to the organized effort of a team was an important and influential moment in the development of modern lexicography, and it is best understood alongside the business strategies that were its motivation. Webster’s work, the details of the “War of the Dictionaries,” and the teamwork resulting in the landmark edition of 1864 will all be discussed. 

Level Up Your Career

Presenter: Tara Puckey

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: If you're not looking for your next career move, you're doing it wrong. Let's talk about how to position yourself for the next steps, from creating a vision for your future to resumes to interviews and salary negotiations. We'll talk about the career process from start to finish (well, starting again) and arm you with the most important information for getting the most out of your next (or current) role.

Technically Speaking: Exploring The World of Technical Editing

Presenter: Mike Pope

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: In this webinar, we'll discuss technical editing and how it relates to other kinds of editing. We'll cover questions like:

Headlines That Work: How to Capture Readers’ Attention on Any Platform

Presenter: Dana Sitar

Price: $30.00/non-members  

Description: A single headline is not sufficient for most content in digital publishing. Readers access your content in a variety of contexts, and the headline that’s effective in one context is often less effective in another. This webinar will show you how to 1) craft headlines that catch readers’ attention across platforms without distorting your content’s purpose, 2) shape engaging content by starting with the headline and 3) build headline brainstorming and crowdsourcing into your editorial process to ensure the strongest headlines make it to the page.

Talk the Talk: Presenting at Conferences

Presenter: Laura Poole

Price: $30.00/non-members  

Description: Intended for: Newbie conference presenters or those wanting to gain some confidence This webinar will cover some techniques for conference presenting with comfort--public speaking tips, anxiety management, handling Q&A, creating good slides, structuring a presentation.

What’s New in Style

Presenter: Mark Allen

Price: $30.00/non-members  

Description: The Associated Press Stylebook has gone back and forth on hyphenating compound modifiers and has hinted at changes in apostrophes. Meanwhile, the seventh edition of the APA style guide was released in October. Double spaces after periods? Not anymore. This webinar will bring you up to date on changes to these and other style guides, including a review of where we stand on the singular “they.” Expect much of the webinar to focus on extensive recent changes to the AP Stylebook, and it will include a discussion of why you should pay attention to AP even if it’s not your main style guide.

Editing Cookbooks: The Little Things Matter

Presenter: Janet Keeler

Price: $30.00/non-members  

Description: Cookbook buyers say they want luscious food photographs, contemporary themes and interesting stories. That may be, but they also expect the recipes to be impeccable in consistency, accuracy and instruction or else the cookbook is deemed a failure. This webinar offers tips on how to make sure the cookbook you write or edit clears these hurdles.

Content Strategy for Savvy Storytellers

Presenter: Dave Ursillo

Price: $30.00/non-members  

Description: This webinar will teach you a few resourceful techniques and savvy strategies for a content strategy that is highly efficient for marketing products and services; creating conversation; developing thought leadership, and generating effective engagement with readers.

How to Create Headlines that Connect

Presenter: Teresa Schmedding

Price: $30.00/non-members 

Description: The three C’s of great headlines are capture, connect, and click. Connect is often overlooked in the quest to achieve the other two but can be the most crucial. Tune in and see what you need to know to take your headlines to the next level in 2019.

Copy Editing for Inbound Marketing

Presenter: Chaviva Gordon-Bennett

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: One of the primary best practices for writing and editing online content is to create a pull, not a push. However, with inbound marketing, there is a constant need for the push. In this webinar, get tips on crafting and editing compelling, non-weasely copy that exudes authority and confidence to overcome the cognitive burden that is promotional language. 

Handling Non-English Words in English Text

Presenter: James Harbeck

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: When you handle names and other words from other languages, there’s much more to it than “Do I italicize this?” Other languages—and their cultures—have differences from English that you need to watch out for. Otherwise you might write the Husfjellet mountain (doubly redundant), hyphenate as Xinji-ang (it’s two syllables, Xin and jiang), get the accents wrong on kürtőskalács (or treat it as a plural), use t'ai chi when you should have used taiji… or use a word that you really had no business using that way at all. Linguist and editor James Harbeck will introduce you to the many things you need to be aware of in other languages.

Why the most exciting content begins with boring data.

Presenter: Susan Moeller

Cost: $30.00/non-members

Description: Find and use meaningful data to inform content and communications strategies and build meaningful connections with your audience

Matching data to content KPIs

Building sustainable data-based content research strategies

Big principles from big studies, a summary from the latest research

Verification Fundamentals

Presenter: Samaruddin Stewart

Cost: $30.00/non-members

Description: Attend this webinar to learn time-saving methods to verify the authenticity and accuracy of images, videos, and reports that you find in social media and elsewhere online. We’ll also cover workflows and show real-life examples to help ensure you don't fall for hoaxes, rumors, and misinformation.

No experience necessary and you'll learn tools you can use immediately.

Small Changes, Big Difference

Presenter: Lisa McLendon

Cost: $30.00/non-members

Description: One often-overlooked aspect of editing is the small "cleanups" editors do to make copy smoother, clearer, and more concise. Many of these micro-level changes -- such as changing phrasing to eliminate words, being aware of "secret handshake" words and words in the midst of change, and understanding when it's okay to not follow style rules -- will never be noticed by either the writer or the reader, but they can make the writing shine just a bit more and give readers a more enjoyable, informative reading experience.

Readers, Relevance and Ranking: Advanced Linking Tactics and Strategies

Presenter: Michelle Lowery

Cost: $30.00/non-members

Description: You know you should be linking internally and externally "for SEO," but what does that mean, exactly? Trade in the broadsword for a scalpel by learning advanced linking techniques. Build the skills to wield links with precision to increase readership and build relevance, both of which contribute to higher rankings. You'll also learn how to use link strategy to build your editorial calendar, reduce bounce rate (and what bounce rate is and why you want it to be low), and how to avoid ranking losses and search engine penalties due to improper linking.

Macros 201: The Shell Game

Presenter: Amy J. Schneider

Cost: $30.00/non-members

Description: Already using basic macros in Microsoft Word? Now learn to use three simple but effective macro "shells" to power up your current tools. Learn to (1) run a macro through an entire document, (2) automate turning off tracking as needed, and (3) set up a dialog box to access and categorize your favorite macros. Attendees should be familiar with creating and editing macros, using the Visual Basic Editor, and creating keyboard shortcuts in Word.

Know Your Audience: Using the Right Voice and Keywords in Content Marketing

Presenter: Carolyn Lumia

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: If you are editing web content for content marketing purposes, learn how to use keywords and voice to account for the medium and your audience. 

Unconscious Bias and the Conscientious Editor

Presenter: Kory Stamper

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: Unconscious bias is something all writers and editors grapple with, whether that be political, gender, racial, or cultural bias. But how can you correct bias if you can't see it? And once you do see it, how do you correct it compassionately? This webinar will offer some tips, tricks, and tools to help time-strapped editors identify problematic language that might trip up or unintentionally offend readers. 

The Power of Checklists

Presenter: Samantha Enslen

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: ACES vice president and owner of Dragonfly Editorial, Samantha Enslen, discusses the power of using checklists.

What's New in Style

Presenter: Mark Allen

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: ACES board member and freelance editor, Mark Allen, discusses what's new in style.

Tweet This Not That

Presenter: Alysha Love

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: Join ACES board member and multiplatform editor at the Idaho Statesman, Alysha Love, as she dives into writing, tone, and editing for social media as well as how to best use analytics.

The Basics of Readability

Presenter: Samantha Enslen

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: Samantha Enslen, ACES vice president and owner of Dragonfly Editorial, discusses the basics of readability.

How to Turn Your Author Into Your Ally

Presenter: Merrill Perlman

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: ACES board member and former copy editor of The New York Times, Merrill Perlman, explains how to turn your author into your ally.

Content Strategy

Presenter: Teresa Schmedding

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: Teresa Schmedding, ACES past president and managing editor at Rotary International, discusses content strategy for editors.

9  Ways to Edit Yourself or Anyone Else

Presenter: Sue Burzynski Bullard

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: Join past ACES board member, Sue Burzynski Bullard, as she identifies tips to better edit yourself...or anyone else.

6 Tips for Successful Digital Display Type

Presenter: Teresa Schmedding

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: Teresa Schmedding, past ACES president and managing editor at Rotary International, explains 6 tips for successful digital display type.

Webinars produced by

Bricklaying: Editing for Structure

Presenter: Merrill Perlman

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: Even if your job is to “just” copyedit something, you are likely to run into structural problems someday. Being able to spot problems in structure is the first step to fixing them. Learn about common structures, how to break down and reassemble structure, and polish structures that don't need rebuilding.

Cost: Free to ACES members/$30 for nonmembers

Mastering Numbers

Presenter: Mark Allen

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: Words involving numbers are still words, but many copyeditors are skip over basic math, big numbers, and anything to do with percentages. But numbers need not leave us numb. Math errors hide in plain sight, and common errors are easy to spot if we know where to look. This Master Class will give you confidence in numeracy with a discussion of often-repeated errors and some tips for spotting and correcting them.

Translating Medicalese into English

Presenter: James Harbeck

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: Doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals use choices of wording that are designed to say “This is medical!” Some of it increases accuracy for those with the necessary background; much of it builds walls around the information and makes it harder for nonprofessionals to understand. But nonprofessionals do want—and need—to understand it. Sometimes it can even be a matter of life and death.

Editing Recipes and Cookbooks

Presenter: Karen Wise

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: What do you need to know to edit a cookbook for a traditional book publisher or an individual looking to self-publish? What makes editing recipes and cookbooks different from editing other nonfiction? This class will be useful to editors who sometimes come across recipes in their work in fiction/memoir, journalism, and online media, as well as those wanting to specialize in cookbooks.

Editing for Young Readers

Presenter: Christine Ma

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: With the success of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and other bestselling series, the market for books for young readers is hotter than ever. Copyediting fiction written for readers in this category (generally 18 years old and younger) is like copyediting fiction for adults in terms of grammar, punctuation, spelling, consistency, and author’s voice. But it also involves many other issues, including age-appropriateness, inclusive language, and voice.

Quality Control for Publications

Presenter: Samantha Enslen

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: Why is creating error-free publications so hard? Seems like you should be able to write in Word, pass your file to a designer, and—voila—get back a perfect product in no time flat. Sadly, things don’t work that way. Errors have a nasty way of hiding in text, creeping into layout, and evading reviewers. The only solution: develop a rigorous publications workflow that gives you multiple chances to catch mistakes.

Editing Translations

Presenter: Sarah Grey

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: Editors must frequently work with translated text—direct translations of new material, translations of previously published works, ESL materials, multilingual texts, localizations, and translated passages within English source texts, to name a few. Each of these poses unique challenges in the editing process. In this webinar, a former translation project manager will walk you through some of the challenges and pitfalls of working with translations. No knowledge of languages other than English is required for this webinar.

Inclusive Language Webinar Series

Presenter: Sarah Grey

Price: $30.00/non-members

Description: Editors are an author's first line of defense against political gaffes, insensitive language, and inadvertently exclusive language. How can we help our clients reach a broader audience and avoid losing readers or making embarrassing and offensive errors? Editing texts that deal with sensitive topics can be difficult—something as simple as a capital letter can carry cultural and political weight. This In-Depth Course uses a variety of current examples, grounded in an understanding of how language changes over time. Rather than offering lists of “acceptable” terms, this course focuses on building skills to help you make the right call in different contexts to avoid excluding readers.