Teresa Schmedding1

Teresa Schmedding

Running for board seat at-large

(self-nominated, incumbent) 

About your work: I oversee content strategy, content creation and content editing for Wipfli, a top 20 accounting and consulting firm with more than 2,400 associates and 50 offices throughout the United States and India.

How you have contributed to ACES: I helped craft ACES' first strategic plan, establish its contests, hire its first staff and implement our rebrand. Most recently, I've been focused on training -- establishing what our strategy and best practices are, what our goals are, the ROI, etc.

Why you feel you are the best candidate for this position: My knowledge and experience in training and presenting, plus historical knowledge of ACES and a thorough understanding of our operations and goals, gives me a unique perspective to ensure we execute a training plan that meets your needs today and tomorrow.

What you envision for ACES during your tenure: This would be my last term on the ACES board. I would like to finish professionalizing our training operations, which would include exploring hiring a training director. I also would like to finish the launch of ACES Academy, our new online training platform and certificate program.

What is one thing about ACES that you would like to improve, and what ideas do you have on how to improve it? The greatest question I see before the board is:  How do we professionalize our training while keeping it accessible to our members, generate revenue to support our mission and expand our membership?  

We've made great strides in the training we provide our members. The webinars, in-person trainings and online certificate programs have become our top source of revenue and membership conversion. 

In my previous term, we married our passion for training with strategy, doing extensive market research and analysis on adult learning patterns. 

If elected to a final term on the board, I'd like to complete the last leg of our training strategy: Launching our own online learning platform and hiring a training director, plus sorting out the financial ramifications of both on the affordability of our training.