Stephen Smith

Running for board seat at-large


About Stephen's work: My job includes fact-checking, verifying research, and copyediting trial and appellate briefs.

How he has contributed to ACES: This is my second time running for a board position. I'm a member of several bar associations in Massachusetts and Rhode Island as well as a student advisory board at UChicago, where I advise and advocate for students in the Editing program.

Why he feels he is the best candidate for the position: I've spent several years on the editorial board of the Rhode Island Bar Journal and graduated with the 2018 class on the Massachusetts Bar Association's Leadership Academy. I have experience in leadership roles and more generally in the publishing industry, and I can offer a strong contribution to the ACES board.

What he envisions for ACES during his tenure: I'd like to strengthen ACES's partnerships with other trade groups, both in publishing and in other industries. ACES is an important educational and networking tool for its members, and I want us to develop both of those aspects over the next few years.

How has your involvement in ACES, or anywhere else, prepared you for a leadership role in ACES: Since the last time I ran for the ACES board (unsuccessfully), I’ve graduated from the MBA’s Leadership Academy, I won a prestigious Access to Justice award for my work helping legal-aid organizations provide services to low-income communities, and I joined the UChicago Graham School’s student advisory board as an alumnus of the school’s Graduate Certificate in Editing.