Sasha Nyary, owner of Sasha Nyary Communications, has spent 35 years writing and editing for national magazines, nonprofit organizations, community groups, and educational institutions ranging from preschools to universities. She cut her editorial teeth as a reporter and editor on publications such as Time Inc.’s Life and Sports Illustrated, and Disney’s Wondertime. Her marketing and communications work includes producing newsletters, social media, and websites. She joined ACES: The Society for Editors, in 2016, and has been an active member, volunteering as writer, copy editor, and proofreader, and as the Communications Committee vice chair. She has served on the ACES Board of Directors since 2022.

In addition to a BA in political science from Wellesley College, Nyary holds master’s degrees from the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism and the School of Library and Information Science at Simmons College. Her interests include cooking, gardening, paddling, and hiking. She lives in southern Maine with her wife and her mother.