Posted October 6, 2021

Writer/Editor – BrightRay Publishing




Writers on the BrightRay Publishing team are responsible for interviewing clients and forming their responses into a book. This includes coming up with questions to prompt material, interviewing clients on approximately a weekly basis, writing in a way to match their “tone”, adhering to deadlines, revising based on feedback, and other related tasks. Writers are expected to manage at least two projects at a time, as well as any other assigned tasks.

Good Indicators to Have:
Graduated a 4-year college with an English major
Bachelor’s degree in: Creative Writing, Editing, Writing, and Media, or Journalism
Over one year of experience in a writing position or previous publication is preferred.

Internships at:
Research Journals
Research Institutes
News Outlets
Writing Centers

Previous positions:
Anything within the writing/publishing industry
Customer service with file management
Tutoring for writing
Volunteered at college’s writing center.
See below experience

Listed experience in:
Technical writing
Grant writing

General listed qualities:
Ability to work on deadlines
Ability to work as a team
Task management
General time management
Ability to multitask
Empathy/listening skills
Ability to accept criticism

Portfolio Preferences:
Clear, organized
At least two long writing samples (longer than 1,500 words or typical essay)
Recent content AND content at least one year old (to show over a year of experience)
Any published work.
Any collaborative projects

Salary & Benefits:
$15/hr plus bonuses/commissions
50% Medical, 100% dental/vision benefits
100% Remote work

To Apply:

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