Posted March 5, 2019

[Wordvice] Freelance Editor Position – Wordvice




At Wordvice, we aim to preserve an author’s voice and underlying message while revising the more technical and organizational aspects of that author’s writing. We are actively expanding our team by recruiting qualified freelance editors from a variety of academic fields. Available work is assigned based on suitable background experience and availability. We have deadlines that range from nine hours to one week, depending on our clients’ requests. Although we have fixed due dates, our independent contract editors can work from any location with access to internet and MS Word and are free to designate their own availability and the workload they can handle. Compensation is based on document word count and the turnaround time specified by clients.
Candidates for our freelance editor positions must meet the following requirements:
• Native fluency in English
• Be enrolled in or have completed a graduate degree program
• Minimum two years’ professional editing experience
• Knowledge of various style guides such as MLA, APA, Chicago Manual of Style
• Advanced Skills using MS Word and its track change features
• Strong technical writing skills

Our ideal candidate would meet the requirements above and also:
• be independent and self-motivated;
• have previously worked at a professional editing company;
• have an educational background or experience in medical fields, engineering or other biomedical and natural sciences;
• be able to meet deadlines; and
• be passionate about editing and writing.

To Apply:

Please do not contact ACES with your application or with questions for a particular job posting. Instead, you should contact the company directly. Messages sent to ACES from applicants are automatically deleted.
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