Posted November 7, 2022

Thesis Processor – Sustainment & Restoration Services (SRS)


Monterey, CA


SRS has an opening for Thesis Processor to support the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS). The Thesis Processing Office (TPO) provides accurate information, content review, copy editing, formatting to support student efforts to produce publication-ready theses, dissertations, capstone reports, and final project reports (hereafter “theses”) that are generated by students as a major part of their graduate-level degree requirements.

Minimum Requirements:
- Bachelor’s degree in English, literature, journalism, communication, rhetoric, international or public policy, or related writing-intensive field from an accredited university. Minimum bachelor's degree GPA of 3.50.
- Five years’ experience in formatting and editing academic publications using advanced features of MS Word. Formatting documents to publication standards.
- Expert in the English-language, academic-writing fundamentals, including but not limited to organization, structure, grammar, writing conventions and styles, punctuation, word choice, parallelism, paraphrasing, signal phrasing, quoting, and citing.
- Formatting documents to publication standards.
- Diverse academic norms, such as multiple citation styles and methods for avoiding plagiarism, as well as producing original work, data presentation in a variety of fields, formatting of publications, and components of academic publications.
- Strong computer skills for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, file sharing, and originality software.

- Instructional experience teaching editing, formatting, grammar, punctuation, citation styles, and/or proper attribution practices.
- Strong teamwork and collaboration to reach mutual goals.
- Production of original creative work involving editing and writing, such as a newspaper and magazine articles, undergraduate thesis, edited volumes, and academic journals. Preference given to those who have won publication awards.
- Creation of PowerPoint presentations, educational materials, and/or webpages.
- Creation of data-management system(s) for tracking projects, including writing Standard Operating Procedures for those system(s).
- Use of originality-check software, such as Turnitin or iThenticate.
- Working under pressure and deadlines while maintaining high quality and customer-service standards.

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