Posted March 25, 2021

Supervising Editor – Project On Government Oversight




POGO’s editorial team is looking for a talented Supervising Editor to manage and support POGO’s editorial review and fact-checking processes, including by supervising editorial staff and adding editing capacity for a variety of written products including investigative pieces, policy analysis, public comments, testimony, newsletters, and supporter emails.

Responsibilities include:

Oversee, manage, and facilitate POGO’s pipeline of written products to help ensure that accurate, timely, nonpartisan, grammatically correct, and compelling content is being consistently delivered (often on tight timelines)—including by effectively assigning editors, fact-checkers, and proofreaders to review products, by collaborating with authors and directors to set priorities, manage timetables, and resolve challenges, and by providing direct editing and proof-reading support as needed.
Supervise, guide, and support the professional development of POGO’s team of talented editors, fact-checkers, and proofreaders.
Maintain POGO’s editorial calendar, editorial project board, internal style guide, editorial process guide, and other internal work products—and work with the Director of Research and other relevant stakeholders to update them as necessary.
Run editorial board meetings (weekly) and team meetings (monthly) to facilitate the editorial process—liaising with other teams and attending brief staff-wide check-in meetings (triweekly) to further that goal and provide any timely and relevant updates.
Work collaboratively with POGO’s analysts, investigators, researchers, and other teams (including communications) to help them consistently produce high quality written products.
Review, assess, and give feedback on complex investigative findings and policy arguments to help synthesize, strengthen, and message them for general and target audiences.
Other duties as needed or required.

To Apply:

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