Posted June 1, 2021

Staff Reporter (Full Time) – NewsGuard


Open to remote work / New York, New York


NewsGuard’s journalists fight misinformation and disinformation using journalism. Our reporters research, investigate, rate, and review online news and information sources to produce detailed credibility ratings that assess each site’s credibility and trustworthiness based on nine journalistic criteria.

Journalists at NewsGuard use reporting skills to track down funding and ownership for anonymous websites spreading false narratives, to unearth potential conflicts of interest, and to track and debunk misinformation narratives spreading online and the news sources spreading them.

This role offers opportunities to write in-depth, high-profile reports about key trends and issues in online misinformation. NewsGuard’s reporting is regularly covered and cross-published in outlets such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, POLITICO, NewsWeek, STAT, and others.

This position is a great fit for early-career or talented entry-level journalists. NewsGuard has promoted several internal candidates to senior analyst and editor positions since the company was founded three years ago.

Although some news experience is preferred, NewsGuard will consider entry-level applicants with excellent internship, college journalism, or other writing experience. See job posting on NewsGuard's website for other requirements.

While the ability to work from our Manhattan offices is a plus, it is not a requirement—we consider applications from remote workers seriously.

About NewsGuard

NewsGuard uses journalism to fight false news, propaganda, and misinformation. Our analysts, who are trained journalists, rate and review online news sources based on nine basic, apolitical journalistic criteria to help readers and viewers know which ones follow basic standards of credibility and transparency–and which do not. NewsGuard was founded by –Steven Brill (award-winning journalist and co-founder of The American Lawyer, CourtTV, and other companies) and Gordon Crovitz (former publisher of the Wall Street Journal).

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