Posted November 14, 2022

Sample Evaluator for the 2023 Atlanta Self-Publishing Conference – Atlanta Self-Publishing Conference (Atlanta Writers Club)




►NOTE: This can all be done electronically via email, so your location is not a barrier to participating. You DO NOT have to live in Atlanta to apply! ◄

We're currently seeking editors to link up with our attendees for the 2023 Atlanta Self-Publishing Conference. We only have four spots available at the moment, so things are essentially first come, first served. The first editor to come on board received two referrals in their specific genre in less than 36 hours. We can't promise that for everyone, but it's an opportunity to start engaging with potential clients in the indie publishing world.

You would be providing free sample critiques of between 1,000 and 2,500 words (your choice) to our attendees. The critique should both point out errors that you see based on your kind of editing (pacing issues for developmental editors, grammatical mistakes for copy editors, etc.), and educate the attendee on how your kind of editing can help enhance their piece (logic errors confusing readers, usage problems impacting clarity, etc.).

The hope being to both teach new authors about the importance of, and different kinds of, editing, and help them make a connection with a professional so that they don't have to shop around so much when they are finally ready to have their manuscript strengthened by an expert.

If interested, please visit the form at to read more about the terms and apply. You'll receive a response within 1 week, including further instructions (for those accepted).

Thanks for all you do in the literary world!

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