Posted November 3, 2022

Record an audiobook – DUGAND PUBLISHING




Dear voice over artists,

BEDSHEET CRAZY is one complete novel at 126,400 words and 462 pages that can be broken down in 5 parts. We need someone to read it, record it and upload it in order to sell it as an audiobook.

It’s a modern tale set in the Bronze Age that follows a blended family, the journey of Adtenatus the demi-man who had to give his wife Climaxpa an orgasm to save Velgan island from being torn apart by ever-growing minority groups. It’s the feat of a demi-man who had to become an artist to save the world.
The manuscript is a humorous, mainstream dystopian fiction that blends great adventures with political and food science, something I believe has never been endeavored before. It addresses gently contemporary themes such as men’s rights, feminism, social contract theories and the role of the extended family, thus enticing us to ponder what makes us humans and the ties that bind us together. Playfulness is at the core of the novel.

The book in a nutshell: unhappy, Climaxpa needs more art in her life and dreams of becoming consul. To make it happen, her two husbands, Adtenatus and Culino, have to win a trophy during the Florentes Games (spring games) competing against eight other husbands in a series of crazy Olympiads. The first game is called the Bedsheet Crazy game simply because ten demi-men have to go and fetch their wives’ dirty bedsheets, clean them and hang them.

I’m a tenured English teacher and lead classes for first-, second-, and third- year engineering students.

I’m confident the book is going to make a big splash and together we will make it known to the world.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Best wishes,

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