Posted January 13, 2022

Proofreader/ copy editor – Nick Oliveri




This job entails reviewing and working with a 37,000 word manuscript for a speculative fiction novella. It is a conflict between a dictator and a wealthy businesswoman, and it takes place in the modern-day. It is a different and daring project that falls mostly outside of the subject matter that is read today.
I need you to be able to take it and proofread the entire manuscript scrupulously in order to catch in errors in grammar and spelling, as well as make stylistic suggestions as to how to say something better if need be. I can and will have more information for applicants, but it really comes down to a willingness to scrutinize my work strictly for conventional, spelling, grammar, and stylistic mistakes.
Thank you for the time, and I look forward to hearing from willing applicants. After all, this project is my passion and a big part of my life's work.

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