Posted October 1, 2021

Productions Manager / Product Owner - Digital Publishing – MedStudy




MedStudy is hiring for a Production Manager/Product Owner



Manages the performance and development of all team members that report to the Production Manager directly (including setting goals, providing feedback, coaching, and general support)

Meets with each direct report on a monthly basis to provide an opportunity for regular check-ins

Works with Production Director to delegate authority and responsibility to the Department with supervision, accountability, and review

Communicates company goals and initiatives that come from the Production Director to the Department

Acts as liaison, support, and assistance between departments

Planning the Project:

Establishes project goals and objectives

Maintains industry knowledge around requirements of the medical discipline

Evaluates, considers, and implements stakeholder feedback into product development

Assists in determining the resources (people, time) required to complete a project in a realistic time frame, keeping overall company goals in mind

Creates a schedule for project completion and detailed work plan that identifies and sequences the Production activities needed to successfully complete each project and prioritizes tasks within each project

Determines the objectives and measures upon which the project will be evaluated at its completion

Collaborates and communicates with other departments to understand potential bottlenecks and handoffs

Implementing the project:

Manages the product backlog

Attends sprint planning and scrum of scrum meetings

Communicates expectations to the Production Product Lead regarding the timing and quality of project deliverables

Onboards, trains, and communicates with contributors

Reviews product processes, tools, software, etc. to streamline workflows and create efficiencies and prioritizes product needs

Evaluating the project:

Ensures that the project deliverables are on time and at the required level of quality

Evaluates the outcomes of the project as established during the planning phase

Critically evaluates processes and identifies steps that can be improved and streamlined next time a similar project is conducted

Compensation: $75K-$90K Exempt

To Apply:

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