Posted July 22, 2022

Junior Marketing Specialist – Work Time



We're looking for a dedicated team player studying marketing or a beginner marketer with
excellent English skills. We provide training.
WorkTime shows you the real situation about computers and software usage. Based on this information your company can plan future purchases. WorkTime also helps take off the load from the overloaded departments/people and to decide if you need to hire more employees (it shows you if there is insufficient productivity or overworking).
Job description:
• Identifying and analyzing key competitors, including profile analysis;
• Purchasing and quality control of accounts required for the work of specialists -Google,
LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram;
• Creating, optimizing, and scaling new Facebook and Google Ads ad campaigns;
• Improving the effectiveness of the existing tool for automating Facebook and Google
• Participating in collective brainstorms;
• Carrying out the marketing duties assigned by the manager;

To Apply:

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