Posted October 2, 2018

Innovation Editor – Philadelphia Media Network




In collaboration with the Managing Editor of Audience and Innovation this position will help lead a small, multi-disciplinary team of journalists and developers dedicated to storytelling experimentation both on and off-platform. If we’re all doing our job right the team will captivate readers and inspire the newsroom by telling great stories and showcasing the power of creative and thoughtful digital storytelling.

A typical month would involve:

- In coordination with other senior editors, identify personnel and coverage areas for focused storytelling experimentation.
- In coordination with other senior editors, manage and prioritize Innovation Desk projects and the production of major stories.
- Develop replicable storytelling tools and techniques that can be used to enhance our daily and weekly work.
- Run robust QA checks on all work; ensure the Innovation Desk is following UX best practices.
- And much more!

Qualifications include:
- A minimum of five years of editorial experience.
- Bachelor’s degree, or equivalent experience.
- A passion and talent for digital storytelling, in the broadest sense of the phrase. You’ll need a strong narrative sensibility, the creativity to come up with novel new approaches, and the judgement to recognize when less is more.
- Sufficient technical grounding to capably manage developers.
- A solid handle on UX and digital design.
- A deep understanding of digital journalism and developments in digital storytelling.
- A deep understanding of analytics and how to use them to inform and learn from your work.
- Strong communication skills and a record of effective cross-team collaboration.
- Project management experience.

To Apply:

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