Posted May 2, 2022

Help me self-publish 5 novels – Quentin DUGAND




Dear all,

my name is Quentin DUGAND. I’m a tenured English teacher at AgroSup Dijon (Higher National School of Agriculture, Food Science and Environmental Science)

I am contacting you because I need help to self-publish a novel I’m writing.

It’s divided in 5 volumes, 4 of which have been written. The Cover and illustrations for volumes 1 and 2 are ready, cover 3 is on the way and so is 4. There will be ready in a month, maybe before.

Volume 5 will be finished on June 30 at which date I’ll start helping you with communication, marketing and sales...

If you have time for this, you will have to look that everything falls into place so that we publish it, overseeing the self-publication process and communication/marketing of the book. The work has already been edited.

About the book:
My work of fiction addresses contemporary themes of social studies and history. It’s a modern tale set in the bronze age. It centers on identity politics (feminism and gender role, veganism, stereotypes, racism and all kind of discriminations and other mutually reinforcing prejudices) and social contract theories.

I need someone I can fully trust who has time to spare. I need you to help me bring the project to its close. It’s important you help me realize and finish the project until it’s fully over. Commitment is important. I have been at it for more than 3 years and need to get it done before July 29.


- Ensure the book is copyrighted and add copyrights pages at the beginning of the novel. Or help me do it.

- Self-publish the book

- Communication - Sell it

You may not be able to bill me every work and single action you’ll take as I’m just a teacher not an employer.

Thank you!

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