Posted February 10, 2021

Freelance Science/Engineering Copy Editor – Technnica Editorial Services




Technica Editorial is looking for a few good copy editors with experience in science and engineering. We are interested in candidates with the ability to adhere to various styles.

Responsibilities will include
• Editing manuscripts so that the final text is in standard scientific English and that the format and style adhere to the project's guidelines
• Ensure that all subject-specific conventions are followed
• The ability to edit on an online typesetting platform and/or work proficiently in Word using tracked changes
• A keen eye for detail

The interested candidates should have a Bachelor's or post-graduate degree, and 3+ years' of copy editing experience. Applications should include your resume/CV and rate per 1000 words. Thank you!

Technica Editorial provides editorial and production support to authors and publishers.

To Apply:

Please do not contact ACES with your application or with questions for a particular job posting. Instead, you should contact the company directly. Messages sent to ACES from applicants are automatically deleted.
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