Posted May 10, 2023

Freelance Managing Editor – Parent Ready




Parent Ready
Freelance Managing Editor/ Age Ready Books

Managing Editor
*Help revise outline for each edition of the Age Ready book series. Series encompasses Ages 12 – 18; with ages 13 – 18 yet to be created.
*Find contributors with input from Parent Ready and input of other Wise Action-affiliated experts.
*Manage initial conversations with contributors, helping them understand mission and type of content we need.
*As needed, work with contributors on any major or minor content-based revisions.
*Solve problems throughout the process.
*Maintain communication with Executive Editor and other stakeholders; make sure everyone involved feels in-the-know and happy about the direction.
*Hand over chapters to Executive Editor for line-editing once content is complete.
*Work with Executive Editor throughout process, weighing in on copyediting and proofreading queries, and collaborating on sales materials.
*Our aim is to loosely replicate look and feel of Grade Ready series; approximate chapters and length.

Schedule (subject to discussion)
Once on board:
>After 1 week: Review and approve outline.
>After 3 weeks: Working with Executive Editor and other stakeholders, list of potential contributors for most, if not all, of the chapters. Review and approve list.
>After 1 month: Have majority, if not all, of chapters assigned. Give contributors 4-6 weeks to write first draft.
>After 2.5 months, have the majority, if not all, of chapters in hand.
>After 3.5 months, have the majority, if not all, of chapters through an initial review by you, sent back to authors for any revisions, and delivered to Executive Editor.
>After 4 months, all content with Executive Editor, including any chapters where author missed a deadline, any that were difficult to assign, and any that needed major revisions.

Compensation: $3,000 per book

Estimated Engagement time length: June 1, 2023 to March 1, 2024

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