Posted June 15, 2022

Freelance Editor – PaperTrue




Refine a vast variety of manuscripts and channel your English language expertise as a Freelance Editor at PaperTrue.
Designation: Freelance Editor
Qualification: Any graduate
• Copyedit and proofread a wide variety of documents, including essays, dissertations, résumés, brochures, websites, newsletters, novels, screenplays, and more
• Ensure the documents are free of all English language errors, including flaws in the grammar, typography, spelling, punctuation, sentence construction, word choice, etc.
• Improve the sentence structure, clarity, flow and consistency of the writing
• Give the writer critical feedback and suggestions on the content and organisation
Required Skills:
• Excellent linguistic skills, with high proficiency in grammar and an extensive vocabulary
• Strong communication skills and a keen sensitivity to the writer’s intended message
• Good research skills, with a high level of curiosity and general awareness
• Knowledge of academic and publishing guidelines such as the APA, MLA, and Chicago styles

To Apply:

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