Posted September 9, 2019

Freelance copy-editor – New Bridge Translation (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., China




1. Nature of job
• Multiple, on-going freelance assignments
• Copy-editing and substantial editing for academic journals (rephrasing is usually required; re-writing may be necessary, but developmental editing is not necessary).
• Notes, tables, and figures in Microsoft Word (figures do not need to be directly edited; feedback can be provided in note/comment form.)
• Academic journals
2. Subject knowledge required
• Sciences (including geology, medicine, mechanics, chemistry, physics, and other academic topics)
• Social sciences (including travel management, finance & accounting, economics, tax administration, food safety, public administration, environmental social science, and etc.)
• Highly experienced in copy-editing and substantial editing of academic manuscripts written by non-native English speakers
• Master’s degree (PhD preferred)
3. Editorial experience required of applicant
At least three years of copy-editing experience.
Qualified candidates are requested to submit a CV or a personal statement to or (attention: Mr. Rock Lau).
4. Amount of work involved
Manuscripts are usually about 5,000 words in length and may include tables and figures. Figures do not need to be directly edited; feedback can be provided in note/comment form. Turnaround time for a 5,000-word manuscript is usually 4–5 days, and an extension of 1–2 days is often possible. A second round of editing, if needed, will be requested within an uncertain number of days, with a 3-day turnaround time; this edit is expected to be covered by the basic remuneration.
5. Frequency of work
On average, 2–5 manuscripts per month will be offered to editors in good standing.
6. Location
All assignments can be done remotely.
7. Remuneration offered
Pay ranges from US$0.35–0.45 per English word depending on difficulty level, as assessed by the editor. For an especially challenging manuscript, the editor may request a rate up to US$0.05. Payment is made by PayPal within one week of receipt of the edited work.

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