Posted May 21, 2024

Editors for Consultant Pool – SoCha




Scope of Work

- Provide accurate editing (including formatting) of a range of assigned deliverables. These will predominantly be longer-form reports, but could include shorter documents, such as newsletters, and presentations.
- Consistently apply USAID’s style guide and branding as well as SoCha’s in-house quality assurance tools.
- Provide clear and actionable advice and recommendations on how the writing team can improve the assigned document.
- Meet all agreed deadlines and scopes of work. This will include making accurate assessments of the time needed to complete a task. - Communicate clearly and promptly with SoCha regarding availability, expectations, scope of work, and other requirements.

Minimum Qualifications and Experience


- Degree in a relevant subject.
- At least five (5) years editing experience for an international firm or organization.
- Proven advanced Microsoft Word skills.
- Proven ability to follow a style guide and other branding requirements.
- Proven ability to meet agreed deadlines and expectations.
- Proven ability to use editing to build writing and language knowledge.
- Experience working with speakers of English as a second or foreign language.
- Experience with at least one international development or humanitarian sector.
- Experience working in a low- or medium-income country.
- Ability to, occasionally, work at short notice and on weekends.


- Professional editing qualification.
- Experience with editing or writing deliverables for USAID.
- Experience providing English or writing training.
- Experience making documents Section 508 compliant.
- Strong Google Docs, SharePoint, and PowerPoint skills.
- Other languages, with a preference for French.
- Other communications-related skills, such a writing or graphic design.
- Located in Africa, Europe, or Asia (for time zone overlap with project offices).

To Apply:

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