Posted November 22, 2021

Editor Needed – Company 614 Enterprises, LLC c/o Michael Gray at


dallas, texas


Prospective Editor,
I am a professional ghostwriter, working on 6-8 books at a time. I bang out chapters and send it to an editor, then accept or reject each change. I generate anywhere from 1 to 5 assignments per week, each chapter being 2500-3500 words or so. My expected turnaround is usually 24 hours. But I usually don’t face deadlines myself, so it’s not the end of the world if I don’t get it back within 24 hours. 80% of what I do is nonfiction—books for CEOs, memoirs, politicians, lawsuits, true crime, life stories, children’s books, athletes, celebrities. The rest is fiction. About 50% of my books have some Christian theme. I don’t do porn. Many of my clients I write multiple books for because the previous ones were successful. Most of my clients live in Texas, although some come from around the country. I used to pay by the hour and loved one longtime editor because she was honest but recently started paying per word, which has worked out fine. I pay by Venmo, although I could pay by Paypal. But Venmo is getting ready to take a 3% fee. So I have others I could use like Zelle. Really, I’m open except for mailing a check. I like to pay the invoice quickly so we all know the editor got paid. I use Word and need the docs back in Word. My clients want everything kept confidential since my name is not on the book. I have more info I can send plus samples of editing. Let me know if you are interested and I’ll send it all to you. Also, check out Thanks!!

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