Posted February 23, 2021

Editor - Higher-ed, non-fiction trade, quick reference – BarCharts Publishing, Inc.




Full-time editor with higher education content experience who will offer guidance to authors ensuring they supply content that fits our succinct style with as little developmental editing as possible, further editing submitted manuscripts where needed to ensure a succinct quick reference format for a very wide range of subjects with focus on academics. Our format is much like an outline format and focuses on CMS-based styles to organize content within a hierarchy that can be easily manipulated in the layout phase by paragraph and character styles applied globally. As a representative of BarCharts, communication skills and a positive attitude are important to maintain good author and team relations. Barcharts produces cheat sheets that are sold at a reasonable price, and to maintain a balanced business model content editing cannot reach the level of rewriting content - this is not a writing position. The “challenge” is fitting as much streamlined content on a page as possible in the most succinct and action oriented content form possible.

• Follow BarCharts Editorial Guidelines (CMS based) and in coordination with the Product Development Executive, and the Product Development team as a whole, ensure the QuickStudy brand of content is consistently produced in all published product.
- Content edit manuscripts to streamline for reference and maximum use of space within the product size and page specifications.
- Style manuscripts in an organized, hierarchical outline fashion for the layout process.
- Check typeset copy against copyedited manuscript, proofread copy, provide edits to designers, and verify corrections.
- Collaborate with Product Development Designers for content edits where necessary for “fit”.
• Outsource as necessary to meet deadlines for product release.
• Communicate project information, actions and updates collaborating with our team via Airtable (online project management system) and Zoom.
• Acquire authors.
• Manage contracts.

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