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The Editor has 3 to 7 years of experience in managing projects. He or she oversees the project from the point of file delivery to the point of a finished document ready for output. The output may be delivered in several formats, including but not limited to print, .pdf, .rtf, XML, HTML, ePUb and Word.
The Editor reviews documents critically for matters of tone, style, flow, word choice, point of view, consistency, factual accuracy, suitability of graphic elements, even legal problems the document might pose. The Editor will suggest ways an author could retool his/her data and information for many other purposes (technical writer). In addition to the copyediting aspects of the job (grammar, spelling, syntax, sentence structure, and the general mechanics of good prose style), the Editor looks at diction: the choice of words and the meanings they deliver. Additionally, the Editor serves in the capacity of copyrighter, proofreader, content editor, technical editor and project manager.
The Editor does a thorough review of the language, assessing whether it: unintentionally insults or misrepresent readers; contains unexamined assumptions; shows a bias; or contains jargon, clichs, or slang. He or she also examines the related graphical and tabular elements, ensuring that the information provided does not contradict the text.
The Editor works in tandem with the Publication Technician, author and/or subject matter expert to produce the completed work.
Job Requirements
Edit (mechanical and substantive) documents to improve clarity in accordance with appropriate style.
Research, rewrite and edit text for codes, commentaries, textbooks, assorted newsletters, proposals, and promotional materials.
Resolve any queries with author or subject matter expert. Work in a team environment with authors, typesetters and graphic designers.
Ensure that the documents structure reflects the hierarchy of the content (i.e., more important information should precede secondary information).

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