Posted November 26, 2018

Editing Curriculum book – Test Prep Works




We have a book coming out that we need proofread. It is for a test that students in grades 8-12 take. It is basically a test prep work book that includes reading passages and questions, synonyms/analogies, math questions, and explanations for all of the above (you don't need to be able to check the math, just the grammar of the questions and written explanations). The manuscript is in pretty good shape- we have gone over it internally- but we are looking for egregious errors in grammar/spelling. There are 15 "workouts"- each includes 10 synonym questions, 5 analogies, 1 reading passage with 5 questions, and 10 math problems. I am happy to send you a single workout so you can see what the job entails. There will also be about 15 pages of introductory material, but it is a workbook and not dense text.

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