Posted November 9, 2021

Edit a novel – Quentin DUGAND




Dear editor,

my name is Quentin DUGAND. I’m a tenured English teacher at AgroSup Dijon (Higher National School of Agriculture, Food Science and Environmental Science).
I am contacting you because I need help to finish editing a novel I’m writing.

My work of fiction addresses contemporary themes of social studies and history. It’s a modern tale set in the bronze age. It centers on identity politics (feminism and gender role, veganism, stereotypes, racism and all kind of discriminations and other mutually reinforcing prejudices) and social contract theories. In it, there are also a few words in Latin, Italian and Spanish. But rest assured only a few. It also talks a bit about food science.
This task is currently past the halfway mark. (70% has been done)
In the story there is poetry, there are puns, humorous scenes and dialogues.
There is also a metaphor of a graphic nature at the end of chapter one.

We won't touch much at what has already been written and the plot. I spent too much time on it. I need you going forward to help me improve my sentences on what I’m writing now and help me bring the project to its close.

1/ Read and proof read one last time what has already been edited
24 377 words – Part 1
17 131 words – Part 2
26 043 words – Part 3 (here a light line-editing or copy-editing on the last three chapters: chapter 9, 10 and 11 so a total of 18 000 words; may be interesting and needed, especially to improve my writing on a few sentences.

2/ Edit two new chapters – I need it before I keep on writing. Line editing.
Chapter 12 - 5500 word
Chapter 13 - 4800 words

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