Posted November 22, 2022

Director of COB (Covering Our Butts) AKA – Proofreader – Occam Marketing


Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas



We’re looking for an APostle.

All cards on the table, we have some Tanya Herbert-sized shoes to fill. The greatest proofer to ever mark up a copy sheet is retiring. So, this is in part a farewell letter and a job description rolled into one.

We’re OCCAM, a collection of passionate, like-minded perfectionists whose sole purpose is to “make the work better than it has to be.” And the fact of the matter is, for the past nine years, our proofer has made us all look (and sound) much better than we really are.

OCCAM is a creative marketing boutique that has quietly built an impressive roster of brands over the last 13 years by doing the above. Several of our clients are in the highly regulated, cross every “t” three times, financial services industry. So, proofing isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s life or death for us (excuse the hyperbole, but that’s how it feels sometimes).

What you’ll need

A big red pen. An innate disdain for run-on sentences, misspelled names and inaccurate URLs that lead to the wrong website. A penchant to start bar fights over the Oxford comma. A healthy arrogance that autocorrect will never replace you (It won’t. EVER.). And a fanatical belief that the AP Stylebook is the greatest volume ever written (maybe not better than “Don Quixote,” but head and shoulders above “Moby-Dick”), because we follow AP to the letter. (Perhaps you didn’t catch the headline under “job description.” That wasn’t a typo).

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