Posted June 2, 2021

Digital Editor – Endgame360




As a Digital Editor you will:

- Report to the Director of Editorial Development and be an active participant in a complex and dynamic editorial process.

- Achieve/maintain quarterly departmental and individual page view goals.

- Create at least 40 interesting and unique headlines weekly to start, which may change as the needs of the business change.

- Follow the quality guidelines for our site(s) and take ownership of editing any articles in your workflow that are not up to those standards in their first submission from freelancers.

- Serve as a gatekeeper for publishing all freelance work, which to start will be at least 10 articles per day and may change as the needs of the business change, by following the quality guidelines for our site(s) and taking ownership of the daily workflow for publishing freelancer work.

- Provide feedback to freelancers on their work for adhering to our sites' style and best practices through a freelancer management platform.

- Participate in evaluating the ongoing success of freelancer work from all aspects, including programmed headlines, overall PVs, and audience engagement.

- Work within the existing freelance workflow to program and package evergreen articles to boost organic PV performance on all of our sites.

- Work as a team of Digital Editors to maintain existing evergreen content on all of our sites, and share knowledge about evergreen updates with other team members as needed.

- Participate in testing, evaluating, and/or launching new editorial initiatives as the needs of the business require. This can be with the whole team, in select groups, or individually, depending on the editorial initiative, which will be established by the Director of Editorial Development.

- Demonstrate the ability and willingness to meet/utilize company standard operating procedures or guidelines.

To Apply:

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