Posted May 6, 2022

Copyeditor – Rheinwerk Publishing




An international publishing company is looking for experienced copyeditors to work on a freelance basis. A background working with technical books is required.

About the job:

We hire copyeditors on a freelance basis based on our monthly needs. We do not require copyeditors to work from our office, so you may be located anywhere.

Our copyeditors have 3 – 4 days to work on short-form “E-Bite” projects that range from 50 – 130 pages, and our standard rate is $2.70 per manuscript page. Our computer software books require anywhere from a grammar check to some sentence rewriting. Attention to naming conventions is essential and comfort with editing non-native English writing is a plus.
We have a company-specific style guide and template, but we also adhere to the standards of Chicago Manual of Style.

Please email us a copy of your resume indicating your interest. You will be required to take our standard copyediting test. For more information about our company, please visit

To Apply:

Please do not contact ACES with your application or with questions for a particular job posting. Instead, you should contact the company directly. Messages sent to ACES from applicants are automatically deleted.
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