Posted September 12, 2022

Copy Editor – BrightRay Publishing




BrightRay Publishing is looking for a Copy Editor to join our growing team. This person will assist our writers in reviewing chapter drafts, editing blogs and other materials as needed, and suggesting changes to improve overall quality, proper grammar, etc. The Copy Editor will work as a second pair of eyes to ensure all projects are completed with 100% accuracy and free of any errors.

The responsibilities of a Copy Editor will include:
- Collaborating with the writing team to ensure projects are completed on time and error-free.
- Conduct extensive research to ensure content is accurate and up-to-date.
- Editing and proofreading text at various stages.
- Understanding and consistently reflecting each client’s unique “voice” in their book.
- Producing email marketing copy for products or services using promotional language designed to motivate.
- Keeping abreast of trends in content and style reflected on various popular social media channels.

Qualifications for Copy Editor
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills in the English language.
- 2+ years of copy editing experience preferred.
- Proficiency in applying various principles of style guides to different types of writing.
- Thorough knowledge of media production and communication.
- Ability to remain detailed-oriented and focused when processing large amounts of text.
- Willingness to collaborate with a creative team of writers, graphic designers, and others.
- Strong computer processing skills, especially G Suite and Microsoft Office.
- Basic knowledge of legal issues involved in publishing, such as libel and plagiarism.
- Mastery of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors and the ability to make constructive suggestions.

To Apply:

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