Posted February 8, 2021

Copy Editor – Hustle 2.0




Hustle 2.0's mission is to maximize the potential of people affected by incarceration. We partner with corrections systems, nonprofits, and philanthropists to reduce crime, violence, and recidivism using effective and scalable rehabilitation programs for incarcerated people. Our innovative curriculum equips incarcerated men and women with the knowledge and tools to transform their lives by changing their thoughts and behaviors.

You have a solid track record in editing and love strengthening authors’ voices to help them express their message as effectively and meaningfully as possible. You aim for clarity, consistency, coherency, and correctness, and your attention to detail is tough to beat. You want your time to make a difference on this planet, and you believe in second chances. You will be a valuable member of our small and mighty writing team, which includes currently and formerly incarcerated people.

You are accustomed to a fast pace and pressing deadlines. You work well under pressure and are exceptionally prompt. You are a dependable communicator and aren’t shy to renegotiate unreasonable deadlines. You take responsibility for mistakes.

You don’t just read for grammar; you are naturally curious, and you challenge ideas and concepts that don’t make sense. You rewrite unclear text. You notice when content doesn’t fulfill the course’s learning objective or when a test question seems irrelevant.

You will edit courses (~10,000 words/each) on topics ranging from healthy relationships to criminal thinking errors to starting a business out of prison. Our curriculum is holistic; therefore, topic expertise or familiarity with criminal justice is unnecessary, but good judgment and open-mindedness are required traits.

You’re available for long-term projects—at minimum, through the end of 2021—and you have time and energy to devote a minimum of 15–20 hours per week to Hustle 2.0.

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