Posted January 4, 2022

Contract Editors/Writers/Reviewers – BioScience Writers, LLC




Our independent contractor (1099) position roles listed below require an advanced degree in a scientific field, must reside in the United States and be a US citizen or permanent resident, plus have demonstrated experience in publishing and/or grant funding for employment:

Our editors are native English-speaking advanced-degree scientists with successful publication and/or grant-writing experience. As contractors, our editors work from locations across the US to help clients save valuable time and effort by providing expert, personalized editing of manuscripts, grants, presentations, and a variety of other scientific documents.

Our writers may start with data only, a rough draft, or a document in the revision stages to help clients create clear, well-written documents that effectively communicate and present data with emphasis and impact. Our grant writers use their extensive manuscript and grant writing experience to help clients complete proposals for a variety of funding mechanisms.

Scientific Content Reviewers
Our reviewers objectively analyze the scientific content within manuscripts and grants. Our reviewers use their extensive scientific and clinical experience to provide essential high-quality feedback, such as suggesting improvements, evaluating the feasibility of the scientific approach, or identifying gaps in knowledge in their research strategies.

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