Posted January 4, 2021

Content Editor Wanted For Ongoing Work – LeadsPanda




Are you looking for exciting work?

Come get an ongoing and exciting work opportunity with our company. We are a content marketing agency with a range of clients and we're looking for a content editor rock star to work with us on an ongoing basis.

This isn’t a “one-off job”…

We will brief you well and pay on time – every time.

Here's the description of project -

- Edit content (including blog, whitepaper, ebooks and more.) for structure, flow, style, tone and targeted audience.
- Conform content to in-house style guidelines.
- Review sources for quality and proper citation format.
- Correct grammar, punctuation, and formatting errors.
- Communicate with writers and provide comments/ feedback to resolve inaccuracies.
- Provide feedback to writers on quality of work.
- Update in-house style guide and documentation.
- Collaborate with our remote team of writers and content managers to deliver content on time in accordance with customer requirement.

Here’s what I’m looking for, is this you?

*A love of language.
*An astute sense of appropriate style, voice, and tone.
*A knack for making content flow.
*A hawk-like ability to catch errant punctuation and grammatical mistakes.
*High editorial standards.
*Strong skills in meeting deadlines and prioritizing workload.
*Experience with google docs.
*Excellent communication skills ( Email, Skype, phone)
*Can provide past proof of work similar to this
*Can start working on new projects immediately
*Can deliver work FAST and on a deadline

Competitive payment based on your skills, experience and expertise.

Minimum education level: Bachelor’s degree in English, Journalism, or related field

Minimum experience: 2+ years of copyediting experience

If this is you then please apply for this exciting and ongoing opportunity by doing the following:

To Apply:

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