Posted October 25, 2019

Congressional Research Review Specialist – Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress


Washington, DC


The Congressional Research Service (CRS) is seeking a senior-level Congressional Research Review Specialist to work in the CRS Review Office. CRS works exclusively for the United States Congress, providing policy and legal analysis to committees and Members of both the House and Senate. Applicants with a Master’s Degree or equivalent are strongly encouraged to apply.

The Review Office is responsible for the final agency review and approval of all CRS written research products, including reports, confidential memoranda, congressional testimony, and seminars, briefings, and presentations prepared for Members and congressional committees and staff. Each Review Specialist is responsible for reviewing up to two dozen CRS products daily, often under tight deadlines, in response to congressional demands, and in anticipation of pending issues before Congress.

The Review Specialist is responsible for reviewing, evaluating, and clearing written research products prepared by staff within all six CRS research divisions. These products may involve issues addressing constitutional law and other legal matters; domestic social policy; foreign affairs, defense, and trade; federal government operations and finance; and natural resources management, science, and industry.

The Review Specialist interacts with CRS research divisions to ensure that CRS products meet the organization’s standards for authoritativeness, objectivity, accuracy, and nonpartisanship. The Review Specialist provides advice and guidance to CRS research staff on the preparation of written research work and recommends or introduces edits or other changes to such products often via use of common editing software.

Reviews, evaluates, and clears written research products from all CRS divisions, including American Law; Domestic Social Policy; Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade; Government and Finance; and Resources, Science, and Industry.

Interacts with research product authors and their managers to ensure that products meet the organization’s quality and policy standards.

Provides advice and guidance on the preparation of written research work.

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