Posted January 10, 2020

Associate Editor – Montana Historical Society


Helena, Montana


The Associate Editor’s primary responsibilities include 1) copy editing magazine and book manuscripts according to the tenets of scholarly publishing and working with authors to achieve mutually satisfactory publications. This process includes reviewing and correcting manuscripts for spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and in-house style; fact checking; overall consistency and readability; and citation formatting 2) finding and procuring appropriate illustrations for use in magazine articles, books, and other print and digital publication and managing all aspects of suitability for reproduction, including quality, file size, and permissions 3) helping to maintain organizational systems, including databases, fundraising, grant writing, marketing, and sales 4) conducting historical research, writing, and fact checking in a variety of historical sources, including archives, databases, and published documents 5) management and editing of book reviews 6) participating in and developing the program’s digital publications and social media program.

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