Yashmyn Jackson





Legal, Marketing, Presentations, Public Relations, Technical, Websites


Hi. I'm a freelance proofreader and court-opinion critic, with a BA in Economics, a Master in Public Policy, a JD, and substantial experience testing and proofreading websites.

I've saved organizations and individuals from issues like the following:

- stray commas in copyright notices (like in "© 2017 Client Name LLC, All rights reserved..." when—depending on the spelling of the client's legal name—the client instead intended either "© 2017 Client Name, LLC. All rights reserved..." or "© 2017 Client Name LLC. All rights reserved...")

- the inclination to (incorrectly) hyphenate adverb-and-participle/adjective combinations like "fully licensed" but not to (correctly) hyphenate noun-and-adjective ones like "majority-owned"

- apostrophes that just didn't belong (such as in "'s [noun] is unrivaled by...")



It's that serious. :-)

My experience as a proofreader spans years in numerous roles in which I did not even hold that actual title. For instance, working as a lawyer and on teams that developed and tested websites, I ensured that the content of contracts, PowerPoints, and marketing materials was exactly what the authors intended.

Please ask me to proofread a small sample of your work at no charge to help you decide whether I'm the right proofreader for your project.



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