Yashmyn Jackson

Freelance Proofreader and Court-Opinion Critic





Marketing, Public Relations, Technical, Websites - Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling


I'm a freelance proofreader and court-opinion critic, with a BA in Economics, a Master in Public Policy, a JD, and substantial experience testing and proofreading websites. I've spotted and corrected errors like the following:<ul><li>stray <b>commas</b> in copyright notices (like in "© 2017 Client Name LLC, All rights reserved..." when - depending on the spelling of the client's legal name - the client instead intended either "© 2017 Client Name, LLC. All rights reserved..." or "© 2017 Client Name LLC. All rights reserved...")</li><li>the presence of <b>hyphens</b> in adverb-and-participle/adjective combinations like "fully licensed" (and their absence from noun-and-adjective ones like "majority-owned")</li><li><b>apostrophes</b> that don't belong (like in "'s [noun] is unrivaled by..." when what's meant is "...its [noun] is unrivaled by...")</li></ul>I believe that your audience should be reading <u>exactly</u> what you mean to write - whether you're writing in a serious tone or a humorous one, whether your writing style is formal or casual, and whether you're even trying to <u>be</u> exact. In fact, proofreading can keep an <u>intentionally</u> open-ended piece from becoming, well, simply confusing.Please ask me to <b>proofread at no charge a small sample</b> of your work to help you decide whether I'm the right proofreader for your project.



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