Vangie Stice-Israel

Fable Communications


Remote, Oklahoma



Academics, education, career and technical education, business


Everyone has a story to tell. Fable Communications can help you tell your story better. Fable Communications is a comprehensive editing, copy editing, proofreading, and content writing service.

I am Vangie Stice-Israel, Fable Communications owner and editor, with extensive experience editing, researching, and writing a wide range of content including novels, speeches, juried academic papers, theses and dissertations, curriculum, reports, and websites.

Do you have a report that needs polishing? a manuscript that needs structural help? a PowerPoint presentation or speech that needs punching up? I can help.

I'm expert in using Google Drive and Microsoft Office products (though not Access, so I'm not your best bet for setting up a database—but that's not what you're looking for here, anyway).

When you hire me, you get a reliable, effective professional with extensive experience using a variety of style guides (Chicago, APA, MLA, and company style guides) and covering a range of topics. I have more than ten years of experience editing and writing professionally, and more than five years of experience working remotely. I also have experience in project management, so I bring projects in ahead of deadline and under budget.

Let's tell your legendary story!



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