Stephen Lawrence Kirkpatrick





Marketing, Business Copy, Ad Copy, Web Copy, Content Consulting, Content Development


Stephen is a Content Development and Editing Specialist with corporate experience in marketing and B2B consulting, as well as years of experience helping writers of all genres. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Mississippi and spent time at the University of New Orleans for a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing.

Stephen does not treat any project the same because no two voices are alike. He goes beyond generic content creation and editing for grammar. Stephen helps writers and businesses reach their target audiences by making suggestions on syntax, clarity, and creating compelling content. However, he respects the ideas of the businesses and writers he services. Clients always have the final say.

He understands the many types of mediums businesses must focus on to reach audiences (social media, print, search engines, websites, and all other marketing materials). His experience allows successful partnerships with businesses to achieve the best results from each platform.

Stephen’s time spent in B2B consulting allows him to deliver content that is credible and relatable. He knows the significance content has on generating revenue. It is more than branding. Content impacts the bottom line.


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